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Terry H. via YELP

Edmond, OK |  3/11/2022


“So, there I was, suddenly taking over the family business and along with that, inheriting a commercial building, that suffice to say, was left in a world of hurt. Among the many things that needed to be addressed was having the locks changed. After a brief search and a few quotes, I came across Noam and Ami. These 2 kind of work as a tag team, quite the efficient one at that. Ami did a great job re-key my door locks. 

But this review isn’t about Ami’s performance. So, let’s talk about Noam, Ami’s tag team partner. One lock in particular that Ami re-keyed was on a door that had a damaged panic bar on the other side of it. This resulted in the key not functioning properly on it. Ami informed me that the cost of replacing the panic bar could run $700 and up, but stated that he knew a guy that could fix it, and that if there’s any way to save having to replace the panic bar, he’ll find it. Ami made a call and shortly thereafter, Noam showed up. Noam gave me a thorough briefing on the condition of the panic bar, what was wrong with it and how he could fix it. Within about half an hour to 45 minutes, Noam had the key functioning properly on the door with the once damaged panic bar good as new. And he only charged $85 to do it. 

But it didn’t stop there. After that job, we conversed as I walked him to the front entry to exit the building and he observed an overhead door closer detached from the entry door. Noam took time out of his schedule to go to his vehicle and get the proper tools to properly install overhead door closer, free of charge. What more can you ask for? The work was sound and I was very much impressed. I highly recommend Noam and/or Ami for your rekeying/locksmith needs.”